Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Film reviews #3: At Risk (2010), Gardiens de l'ordre (2010)

At Risk (2010)
Detective. Film with a sort of muddy plot and unknown (except for Andie MacDowell) actors. The protagonist works whether the police, or police detective and investigates an old murder case, in which the murderer was never found. To investigate this case it makes a friend of the politician, who wants the disclosure of this business has helped her win the election. Here is such a plot. Could be interesting, but not with the director and the budget. Cheap picture, bad cinematography, terrible acting. The entire film wondering what was making the actress from "Groundhog Day". It is, incidentally, also did not blestala game. These films are clearly should be sent to the trash. A score of 5.

Gardiens de l'ordre (2010)
Thriller. Drama. Three police officers arrive on a call in one apartment and one of them kills a resident of the apartment, which, as then it turns out, was under the influence of a strong drug "Sphinx", and who was the son of the deputy. Narika wound, after which two police officers (he and she) is accused of abuse of office, and they want to dismiss. To restore justice, police, who are accused, are beginning their own, independent investigations, where the drug is delivered "Sphinx" and who produces it. A good movie. The plot is of course a little bit crazy, but realized all above average. At least, I was intrigued by the film. Watched with interest and empathy for the protagonists. The game cast is quite good. 4 - points out of 5.


  1. I watched At Risk, its just amazing !! :D

  2. I think I might check out Gardiens de l'ordre during the weekend, thanks for sharing!

  3. great review and good rating, enough to make me want to see this now!