Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mother and Child (2009)
Drama. A film about the relationship between mothers and their children. But not only. In the storyline is built between the main character, who at age 14 gave birth to her daughter and abandoned her. And with age, wanted to find her. Although she was afraid that she just spit in her face. The film places interesting. With the good performance of the actors. But its duration evokes boredom. Put him to score 3 out of 5. More of this movie, this is not necessary. Looked only for the sake of the stars.

Dog Pound (2010)
Drama. The film is about a few days in the life of the colony for teenagers. In one of these colonies were brand new, over which immediately began hounding those who are already in prison a long time sitting. After the physical and moral violence, newcomers have decided to show their teeth. The film plot reminded the Hungarian drama "I want to whistle, whistle." But there was an emphasis on a teenage boy and his experiences. In the "dog pen" several main characters, and also the duration of half an hour because of what the plot is obtained which is not fully disclosed. What in the end of the film remains a lot of questions. This negative film. There is not a morality, even as a fable. But still I liked the movie. Passions simmer. The actors play well. At one time amateur drama to look possible. 4- out of 5.