Sunday, October 17, 2010

Film reviews: Bancs publics (Versailles rive droite) (2009), How to be (2008)

Bancs publics (Versailles rive droite) (2009)
Comedy. Film hodgepodge of different life situations that occur between different people in a small area. The film is a sort of base line, but it is short, not longer than the secondary plots. Once the girls working in the office, noticed that someone in the opposite house hung a poster "lonely man". Girls interested in a poster, and went to see who he hung up. I can not say that the movie was very good and funny. None. But not entirely bad. Not bad, light comedy like that. At one time will do. Amateur comedy advise. 4 out of 5.

How to be (2008)
Comedy. Movie about a teenager who has problems in his personal life, and he's trying to figure them out with the help of books, some therapist. Film sad shit. I do not understand because of what he has an international rating higher than 6 out of 10. Funny moments almost no way for a comedy. In general, there is nothing because of what it is worth watching. And it is unlikely he will be remembered for something. 2 out of 5.


  1. Never heard of any of the movies you review. Did you go to film school? Where can one see one of these movies?

  2. Will have to give these a watch as well!

  3. 2 out of 5. Watch something interesting already!

  4. How to Be deserves a higher rating than that, honestly.

  5. sad how bad comedies have gotten over the years