Friday, October 15, 2010

Film Reviews: The Eclipse (2009), 25 kilates (2008)

25 kilates (2008)
Thriller. The protagonist works killer and raises her son alone. Once it falls for his boss's wife, but he rejects it. Then the wife of the boss begins to slander him to her husband that he was stealing money from him, and begins a hunt for the killer of other killers. The film I did not really like it. There are places of intrigue, skirmishes, but the overall plot is rather dull and boring. The film can be viewed at once as a drama. As a thriller or action film is not very much. And after seeing you one day forget what happened in this film. 3 points out of 5.

The Eclipse (2009)
Drama. Melodrama. At the main character dies of his wife, begin following the terrible vision. Some creatures try to kill him. Parallel to this, he falls in love with the woman who already has a suitor, and who is not averse to stuff the main character face. If you speak briefly about the film - an incomprehensible crap. The movie is so crazy and weird story that they can watch only for people with very high intelligence. Can they at least something in him will understand. I, unfortunately, such people do not belong, so the pleasure of watching the movie never got it. Incomprehensible plot, not a very good game actors, soundtracks out of place. I could still recommend the film as a melodrama if it were not scenes of horror that appear periodically and prevented relax, and watch this film as a melodrama. 1 point out of 5.


  1. Cool ty, now i know what movies to watch.

  2. "If you speak briefly about the film - an incomprehensible crap"


  3. Good review. I'll give it a look next time I'm at blockbuster.

  4. You sure did enjoy that pussy-werewolf from "twilight", didn't you?

  5. ill check it out on netflix maybe

  6. >>"If you speak briefly about the film - an incomprehensible crap"

    Best line in the entire review.